The world is literally in continuous movement. The trends in: urbanisation; road safety; demographic, climate and behavioural change, resource limitation demand solid mobility solutions. Mobility solutions that contribute to a safe and sustainable society.

Dynniq connects (future) urban, regional and national network systems to each other and makes it possible to control them. This enables the optimal flow of traffic, and that of individual travelers which then contributes to a sustainable and safe society.

Dynniq is experienced in and capable of shaping, engineering, building and managing intelligent infrastructure and traffic systems. We help our clients to maximise the capacity of the road network and improve safety. Our Dynniq and Peek products and services offer dedicated solutions for:

  • Traffic (urban, high speed, smart mobility)
  • Lighting (public lighting and smart lighting)
  • Control systems (traffic control centres and operating systems of bridges, locks, and tunnels).