Bas Heutinck

“Challenging people in a positive way to realise great solutions.”

Bas Heutinck – Manager Technology Mobility NL 

What I do and why I love it

As Manager Technology at Mobility Netherlands my responsibilities are very divers. From making strategic calls to prioritising which technology we develop and in how; allocating time and resources. Always in line with our ambitions as an organisation, market trends and what our customers want. Every day is different but I am always working with cutting edge technology and smart people. That’s what I love most.

My career path at Dynniq

In 2006 I spent a year discovering the different departments at Dynniq. Then I had various consulting or advisory roles, which taught me a lot. In 2013 I became product manager at Mobility and from there I moved on to my current role. Dynniq supported me in my professional development. You really are in control of your destiny, your ambition is rewarded with opportunities.

Making the difference

We work with the very newest technology to realise concrete and visible change. Everybody wants to get from A to B in the most efficient way, that’s what we make happen. I’m proud of that. Personally, I like to challenge people in a positive way to use technology to realise great solutions.